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People in Unity

Unity Invites You to A New Way of Praying, Thinking, and Responding to Life

Rev Rosalind Mariconda


What does the word “Unity” in the Unity Church of Rochester name represent?  “Unity” represents a philosophy, attracting those of us who value life as a school, and we tend to be independent thinkers. Our founders, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore said repeatedly, “we are not trying to set up a church, but we are establishing a school.” The curriculum of this school calls to us to live a life based on the pursuit of our true spiritual nature, through, and by the activity of prayer and meditation.

Reluctant for many years to promote any doctrine, the Fillmores did ultimately, establish tenets and principles that continue to guide those of us who ascribe to this philosophy. I am grateful for your visit to this website of the spiritual community in Rochester Hills, Michigan. May your time with us inspire you to cultivate the inner landscape which calls to us all, from our deepest spiritual nature within, the nature we share with our Creator, and Jesus called the “kingdom.” Above all, I share my unshakeable faith in the ever-unfolding vision for that to be lived in the outer daily lives, as within. With the blessings of the peace that surpasses the intellect, the joy that springs unimpeded from the soul that allows it and the abundance of Love that is always seeking a place to call home in each of our hearts.


-Reverend Rosalind Mariconda

Our Mission and Vision

Unity Church of Rochester is a center for worship, spiritual growth, and prayer support based on the practical application of the teachings of Jesus Christ.


We are centered in God, assured by faith, and prospered by Divine Love. Through the prayer practice of gratitude, we receive unlimited good. Boldly, we commit to serve humanity by touching and sharing the Presence within. 

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