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Live services are currently held Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM on Zoom. For those who like to attend in person with others,  Sunday Services are also broadcast live in the Sanctuary via "Churchcast".


Have a prayer request? Submit your prayer request on-line by clicking the button below. Your prayer request will be held in prayer by Unity Church of Rochester’s Prayer Team for 30 days.

One-on-one prayer time with the minister may also be arranged by emailing Rev Rosalind your phone number and request at the button below.


Join Reverend Roslind in setting your intention every new week through the power of praying together.

Monday mornings via Zoom beginning September 13th from 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM



God is the breath of life, the vitality in my body and being.

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with Reverend Rosalind

What do I trust?

Building faith is a cumulative process. When we practice leaning on the power within us that is greater than anything in the world, we are exercising our spiritual faculty of faith. This practice requires attention, commitment and discipline. At first, this mental practice of absolutely trusting the Good inherent in everything that happens in our experience, is neither automatic nor easy. It is only by deliberately and consistently establishing new neuropathways in the brain that we supplant old beliefs and patterns.


When a habitual pattern of feeling and knowing that life is always good becomes our default position in Mind, we build faith. With daily, and sometimes moment by moment opportunities to remind ourselves of the Truth that we can trust life regardless of appearances, faith becomes our default position. Ultimately, what we had called challenges (or worse terms!) become merely a call to rise higher in consciousness so that the gift or lesson can be revealed. Living from faith is a first step in spiritual unfoldment. In Unity, we are grateful for this call to trust.


  • The Lending Library on the lower level of the Church is filled with a wide selection of books, including Unity classic titles and other Truth-related New Thought books. 

  • Positive Pages Bookstore carries a large selection of Truth Unity publications, New Thought philosophy, self-help, classic spirituality, and healing books to open your mind.

  • The Prayer Room is open as a space for Meditation and Silence

  • Hours for the above are Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Masks are Required

Looking for an Inspiration right now? Call Unity Church of Rochester's Dial-A-Prayer Line

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