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Consciousness Expansion Program

Join your community in a 40 day commitment of Consiciousness Expansion.

Throughout these 40 days we will commit to joining our hearts and minds in daily prayer.

We believe in the expansive power of group prayer. Daily, we will apply one statement of Truth to our awareness. By abiding in each Truth statement for 15 minutes a day, we will expand our receptivity to hearing God’s will.  We are dedicating ourselves, in this group, to God’s will being expressed in Unity Church of Rochester. We are committing to expanding our consciousness of God’s will for our church.

Through this daily exercise of faith, repetition and visualization we will align with God-power. In this alignment, we will open to allowing  God’s will to be done in our church. As we surrender fully, God’s power will guide, govern and direct us. Applying  the 10 statements provided in J.R. Price’s The Abundance Book will facilitate this surrender. Surrender is the space where true power can abide.  This power “appeals  to the part of human nature that we call noble…power appeals to what uplifts, dignifies, ennobles”.  (p.132 Power vs. Force).  Hence, you are encouraged to add your light to this 40 day project that will uplift, dignify and ennoble our vision for our spiritual community.

You are invited to participate every day from March 5 through April 9 at either of two convenient times on zoom: 11:00 AM or 6:30 PM for 5-10 minutes of guidance for your daily practice.  Sundays March 5, March 26, April 2, and April 9 only at 11:00 AM via live Sunday Service.


Pick up your copy of The Abundance Book at the Church bookstore.

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Tuesday Class with Danielle

Metaphysics and Bible Study


Join Danielle for a three week study of biblical and metaphysics concepts and practices.  March 21-April 4.   All are welcome.   Supported through Love Offerings.


Led by Danielle Boes LUT in the Sanctuary, this title will be studied on Tuesday afternoons, from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM. Join at 12:30 PM for Social.  


Contact Danielle Boes, L.U.T. w/ any questions

Presented on a love offering basis.

Guys and Gals in the O.T.

The men and women of the Old Testament are our spiritual elders and our psychological archetypes, who offer us guidance and insight into living life today.


Wednesdays in February and March at 11:00 am on zoom by Rev. Linda Dominik


Presented on a love offering basis.

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Sunday Discussion Group

Study of the book "How to let God help You" by Myrtle Fillmore.   The format of sessions are to read aloud and discuss practical applications of readings.


A book is not required to attend.  Everyone is welcome to join this group live at Church before Service beginning at 10:00 AM.

Book is available through Amazon and other retailers.


Presented on a love offering basis.


Check out the abundant resources about the foundations of Unity and New Thought at the Truth Unity Website managed by long-standing Unity Minister Mark Hicks.  You'll find writings and videos from founders and students of founders that continue to apply today. Tools to research abound. 


Navigate to and explore or select the link below.

New on Truth Unity

In April 1889, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore started a magazine. It was their first step in faith to founding what we know as the Unity movement and we generally recognize their step in faith as the date Unity began. So it is that a mission of TruthUnity is enabling the entire world to freely read and use the first seventy or so years of Unity magazine (before it was copyrighted). 


In 2016 Mark Hicks announced that that 20 years of Unity magazine monthly issues were available to download as a PDFs.  As of September 2022, there  are another forty years of Unity's monthly magazine uploaded, roughly from 1920 through 1959


This button opens the landing page to the available editions.

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